H. D. Hudson Asia Limited serves customers in USA, South America, Eroupe, Middle East, Africa, Asia as well as other markets worldwide.
Our company, H. D. Hudson Asia Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of H. D. Hudson Manufacturing Company. The parent company, located in the United States wih manufacturing facility in Hastings, Minnesota has been serving markets worldwide with quality sprayers and dusters since 1905 ( now over 100 years old).
In addition to the full range of Hudson products made in the United States, H.D. Hudson Asia Limited., (which was established in Hong Kong and China), manufactures and supplies a wide range of high-quality line of sprayers for both consumer and professional markets. Hudson sprayers are used of agriculture, industrial and home use for pest control, environmental care, maintenance and sanitation purposes.
We manufacture a full range of high quality professional and consumer sprayer products and primarily serves USA, Europe, South America, Asia, Middle East and Africa as well as other markets worldwide.
H.D. Hudson Asia sprayers have been granted the Hong Kong Q-Mark, your assurance of quality and value!
Direct applications for purposes such as:

Disease Vector Control (DVC) - compliles with "World Health Organization". specifications.

Furniture/ rug/ cloth protection/ Wood preservation;.
Weed and bush killing;
Indoor and outdoor cleaning/ sanitation jobs/ Pest control/ Mosquito control protection,
Household extermination/ Wall paper removing.
Deck and fence protection.
Bleaching, Deodorizing andDisinfecting.



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